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HTC Nike aka Touch II Coming Soon!!

There were talks about HTC releasing a new version of the famous Touch (P3450) but nothing was solid until now!!

There has been a real life PIC posted on the net, so now we know that its for REAL!!

Some upgrades include:

  • HSDPA with video calling
  • Slider numeric keypad
  • WiFi a/b/g

The Touch II will definitely be thicker in size due to the slide out keypad. We will keep you posted on release date!!Touch 2


HTC Mail Coming Soon!!

HTC has just announced that they will be releasing a new email service which will be using Microsoft Exchange with Outlook 2007. So far the only details that are given is that it will be released next month for the UK and France and there are no details about pricing.

The HTC mail will have a storage space of 2GB and probably have an option to upgrade. More details coming soon!!htc

Windows Mobile LG KS20 Coming Soon!!

Previously at 3GSM an LG Windows Mobile device was shown but not many details were given. It looked similar to the LG Prada but was running Windows Mobile 6 Professional.

The LG KS20 will be unveiled at the upcoming IFA 2007 convention and reports state that it will be released in Q4 of this year. So far there is no news about it being Qaud-band GSM and since it will be released in Europe first it may only be Tri-band.


Windows Mobile 6 Professional

Large Touch display

WiFi and HSDPA

Bluetooth 2.0

2 Megapixel camera

Push Email

lg windows

UPDATE: LG has confirmed and published the specifications !!

  • 2 megapixel camera + VGA camera for video calling
  • 3,6 Mbps HSDPA
  • Windows Mobile 6
  • MMS/Push e-post/Java/WAP 2.0
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • MicroSD memory card slot
  • 128 MB internal memory
  • TV out/FM Radio
  • cellular: HSDPA (3,6 Mbps), WCDMA, tri-band (GSM/GPRS/EDGE)
  • display: 240 x 320 (QVGA), 2.8 inch, 262K colors, TFT-LCD
  • dimensions: 99,5 mm x 58 mm x 12,5 mm
  • talk time / standby time: 4 h/400 h
  • battery: 1050 mAh
  • weight: 95 g


HTC Making the Google Phone? I think So!!

Is it a rumor? I don’t know is it? It probably is!!

That is all we knew about the “rumor” about HTC making the google phone…. Until now!!!

Confirmed from an HTC insider that they will be making the Google phone. There was talks about it in the past but nothing was confirmed until now.

What does this mean? The Google phone will have Windows Mobile?

I sure hope this is a real PIC!! Looks like a HTC design, Slide out keyboard? GPS?

We will keep you posted!!


Samsung i620; Release Date?

The Samsung i620 is the successor of the famous Cingular blackjack/i600 but this new concept design makes the old one look like S*** ( pardon my French)

The i620 will come Sim unlocked and will offer Windows Mobile 6 with WiFi. If only they could have made it with built in GPS…. It does’nt matter its PIMP none the less.
No Official Release Date but a website did promise a release date of Aug 22?? What happened??

We will keep you posted on a real release date!! Hopefully in the coming Month of September?

Suggested Retail Value: $600



The HTC TyTN II is also known as the HTC Kaiser, P4550, AT&T FLIP and probably many more names to come. There has been so much talk about the device but nothing is confirmed about the release date. I have heard from HTC that the production has been started, the ROM is finalized for both HTC and AT&T variations and that the phone will start shipping September 15, 2007.

Suggested Retail Value: $ 1000