Samsung i620; Release Date?

The Samsung i620 is the successor of the famous Cingular blackjack/i600 but this new concept design makes the old one look like S*** ( pardon my French)

The i620 will come Sim unlocked and will offer Windows Mobile 6 with WiFi. If only they could have made it with built in GPS…. It does’nt matter its PIMP none the less.
No Official Release Date but a website did promise a release date of Aug 22?? What happened??

We will keep you posted on a real release date!! Hopefully in the coming Month of September?

Suggested Retail Value: $600



3 comments so far

  1. Nadah on

    When does this come out? Does it come in different colors??

  2. windowsonthego on

    This will hopefully be released real soon. There is no exact release date but my guess is within the month of September. The phone will come in pearl white and black.


  3. Candy on

    i want this phone already
    its october and this piece of shit stillll hasnt been released!
    who do i have to sleep with for it to come out already, damn!

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