iPHONE Price Drops and Unlock is OFFICIAL!!

A bit of topic but worth mentioning…. The iPhone has dropped in price to $399 US ($425 CAD) from the original $599 pricetag. The 4GB iPhone is officially discontinued but if your lucky you may be able to find some at your local Apple store (US ONLY) or Cingular store for only $299 US.

Since the iPhone software unlock is on hold due to AT&T’s lawyers, the only choice left is a hardware unlock. The hardware unlock is very complicated and if you don’t know what your doing you may blow up your device. It involves taking apart the iPhone and soldering to the motherboard.

We are proud to annouce that we are offering brand new 4GB iPhones Unlocked for only $650 plus shipping!! To reserve your iPhone email us at:



High Res iPhone Pic 1

High Res iPhone Pic 2


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