Samsung Introduces 8GB Micro SDHC Memory!!

8gb micro

If you thought that 4GB micro SD was insane….THINK AGAIN. Samsung has just annoucned that they have successfully made a 8GB micro sd card and will be on sale within the next year. 4GB is already pretty new and went on sale just a little while ago…. What`s next; 16GB and 32GB

For all you who have not seen a MicroSD before…. This should put it in perspective:

small micro


4 comments so far

  1. Earl B on

    In this photo it only says “Micro SD 8GB”,
    not “Micro SDHC 8GB”

    does that mean its just a Micro SD?

  2. windowsonthego on

    Any Micro SD card with a capacity of more than 2GB is SDHC.

  3. no thats not true on

    No thats not true, 4gb cards can acutally be sdhc or sd depending on specification.

  4. tony on

    if someone wana by this micro sd 8gb… how much does it cost, and where can i buy it?

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