WIMP; Where is my Phone?

WIMP is a great new application for Windows Mobile phones which have a built in GPS receiver. Let’s say your phone gets stolen and you have no idea where it is, No Problem you have WIMP!!

When you first use the program you have to enter in a pincode and a friend’s phone number. If someone steals your phone and puts in there SIM this program will automatically send a text msg informing you of the new number.

Now that you have the new number of the person using your phone or if they’re still using your SIM all you have to do is send a short Text Msg ($WIMP****) with your pincode.

Now the phone will automatically turn on the GPS in the background without the person knowing and reply with a text msg telling you the exact coordinates of the phone location and a URL link for Google Maps.

WIMP is an excellent program and really worth buying. The program only cost 10 pounds which is around $20 and is definitely worth the investment in case you really lose your phone or get it stolen. WIMP works on all Windows Mobile 5 and 6 phones and is only 140KB!!

For more information on WIMP or a free 10-day trial period visit: WIMP’S HOMEPAGE


2 comments so far

  1. Mike on

    I was wondering if this program works with Windows phones which do not have built in GPS but work with an external Bluetooth GPS


  2. windowsonthego on

    Yes the program will work with an external GPS but it will only reply to your text msg if the GPS is connected and in use.

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