New Imate Phone’s Coming Out Soon

You must already know how great Imate is when it comes to naming their devices… K-jar, Jasjar, Jasjam to name a few!! Well there new devices are called…. Imate Jama!!

No wonder Imate is in trouble, they can’t give a decent name to any one of their devices, their best phones were made by HTC only and now the best phones from the “Ultimate line” are dropped to be replaced by these….


Summary: No 3G, No WiFi, No GSM 850 band.

Cancelled Imate devices:

cancel imate


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  1. Shaun Dempsey on

    I think you need to recheck your info, or check the imate website, where all Ultimate devices are listed & according to other blogs are going on sale soon. These seem to be carrying on from the original Jama series which were, as mentioned a entry level range of devices.

  2. windowsonthego on

    I am sorry for not being clear, but three of Imate’s devices were canceled and are still not on their website. The Imate Ultimate 5150,7150 and 9150 have all been canceled.


  3. Kirsty on

    These devices haven’t been cancelled; they have merely been moved to next quarter’s roadmap and will be released early in 2008.

  4. windowsonthego on

    I am pretty sure they have been cancelled. Can you provide a link to where you heard that?


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