Fido Finally Launches 3G and Video Calling!

Fido has just announced that they are now offering Internet Data plans using 3G. Before this Fido had really expensive data plans ranging from 1MB for $12 and 200MB for $100 but this all changes now. Introducing their new 3G data plans which are not only cheaper but blazing fast too (if your phone supports it!!).

  • 12 Mb $10/ month
  • 12 MB value pack for $18/month which includes: Enhanced Voice Messaging, call display, name display, who called, 2500 text messages per month.

Fido has also launched Video, Radio and Mobile TV. If you already have a Windows phone you don’t even need to pay for these extra services and just use freeware programs directly from your pda. Regularly Mobile TV will cost you $15 a month and Video & Radio on demand will cost you another $15 a month.



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  4. HS on

    Fido and Rogers locked the 3G network to their own 3G phones. Most of the other 3G phones you obtained from else will not work with the 3G video calling.

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