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Want to sync your MAC With Windows Mobile?

sync mate

If you have a MAC book and a Windows Mobile device you probably already know about a program called “Missing Sync”. Missing Sync is an excellent program but the problem is…. it cost $$$!!

Here’s a Beta program called Syncmate that does the same thing and currently is absolutely FREE.

CLICK HERE for more details and a link to download!!


Samsung making RFID Chips for Mobile Devices??

samsung rfid

It is not exactly clear on what these “chips” will actually do, but you can bet that these will be embedded in many new mobile phones coming to the market in the near future.
“According to market research firm RoA Group, the global demand for mobile RFID is expected to grow from $26.9 billion in 2007 to $701 billion by 2010, for a compound annual growth of 196 percent.”

For more info CLICK HERE.