Want to sync your MAC With Windows Mobile?

sync mate

If you have a MAC book and a Windows Mobile device you probably already know about a program called “Missing Sync”. Missing Sync is an excellent program but the problem is…. it cost $$$!!

Here’s a Beta program called Syncmate that does the same thing and currently is absolutely FREE.

CLICK HERE for more details and a link to download!!


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  1. Stanley on

    nope, it’s not beta and it’s not free anymore 😦
    now they have a free basic version and expert version (which costs $$). I use their expert version to sync my iTunes, iCal and contacts (they sync google contacts, too). here: http://www.sync-mac.com/syncmate-expert.html

  2. SyncMate on

    SyncMate Team is glad to announce that now SyncMate is offered in two editions: Standard Free Edition and Expert. Expert Version is not free but is more functional and provides you with access to all plugins. You can view the difference between these editions at comparison chart here: http://www.sync-mac.com/syncmate-expert.html

  3. SyncMate on

    Eltima Software has released SyncMate vers 1.4. Now you do not have to unlock your device in order to install SyncMate! Just download it and sync Favorites, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Tasks in mobile device with their analogues Bookmarks, Address Book, iCal, Stickies, To Dos on Mac OS. With SyncMate you can even synchronize your mail!
    Share Internet, manage text messages and install applications to your device – all of that and much more can be done with SyncMate! For detailed information go here: http://www.sync-mac.com/

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