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HP Introduces GPS Car Navigation Device; Ipaq 300

HP is known tomake PDA’s with GPS but never have they released a standalone GPS device without a cellular line until now… Introducing the new HP IPAQ 300 with Windows CE, 600MHz Processor, Bluetooth 2.0, Micro SD expansion, 2GB built in memory and a Sirf Star III chipset.

hp gps

hp gps 2

HP introduces 2 new Windows Mobile 6 Devices; Finally looks good!!

I dont know about everyone else but the past IPAQ’s have been pretty FLOOPY or ugly as most people say. HP has just announced two new devices that they will be released by the end of the year; the IPAQ 600 and 900 series. The 600 series will have a numeric keypad while the 900 series will have a QWERTY keyboard. The 600 series has a unique touch scroll wheel built in the keypad, not sure how good it works but only time will tell.ipaq

Both phones will have the following specifications but are not 100% confirmed as of yet.


  • Windows Mobile 6 Professional
  • GPS
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • 128 Mb RAM/ 256 MB ROM
  • 3 Megapixel camera
  • Marvell processor clocked at 520 MHz!!