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Imate Comeback with Avengence!!

Imate has just announced two new devices which will be released in the upcoming months and add to their new lineup!

First up we have the Ultimate 9502. The 9502 has a slide-out keyboard similar to HTC phones.




  • Windows Mobile 6 Professional
  • Quad-Band GSM
  • 3 Megapixel camera and VGA camera for Video calling
  • GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth
  • 400 Mhz Processor

Next up we have the Ultimate 8502:


  • Windows Mobile 6 Professional
  • Quad band GSM
  • 2 Megapixel camera and VGA for video calling
  • GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth
  • Processor is hopefully 400 Mhz but is not CONFIRMED

New Imate Phone’s Coming Out Soon

You must already know how great Imate is when it comes to naming their devices… K-jar, Jasjar, Jasjam to name a few!! Well there new devices are called…. Imate Jama!!

No wonder Imate is in trouble, they can’t give a decent name to any one of their devices, their best phones were made by HTC only and now the best phones from the “Ultimate line” are dropped to be replaced by these….


Summary: No 3G, No WiFi, No GSM 850 band.

Cancelled Imate devices:

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