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Rogers Gets HTC Touch!!

Rogers has finally got the HTC Touch for sale. If your with Rogers Wireless in Canada and looking to upgrade your phone by signing over your life for a contract… look no further!!

Remember you have to get a Data plan with your contract upgrade 🙂

Prices with contract after “rebates on select Voice & E-mail packages

  • $199.99 with 3 year
  • $349.99 with 2 year
  • $399.99 with 1 year

rogers touch

Rogers Wireless Finally gets reasonable Data Plans!!


If you haven’t heard already, Rogers just released a new 1GB data plan to contend with Bell. Bell has just announced that they will be offering a 1GB data plan for your laptop by using a wireless card for $75. Rogers has done the same but the only difference is that since Rogers is GSM and uses a SIM card the data plan can also be used in Windows Mobile devices. The 1GB data plan will cost you only $65 CAD a month. Call *611 right now and add it to your service plan. You have the option to add it to your existing SIM or on another SIM!!

System Access Fees for Canadians is a SCAM!!


You know that $6.95 System Access Fee (SAF) fee you see on your phone bill every month… Well it’s a big SCAM. Bell Mobility has even increased their “FEE” to $8.95!!

Service providers like ROGERS, FIDO, TELUS and BELL charge this fee claiming thats it’s a “Mandatory Government Fee” but the truth is that it hasn’t been mandatory for a several years.

An estimated 12 Billion dollars has been collected over the years from residents of Canada who own a cell phone. Think about it… $6.95 x 12 months = $83 x roughly half the population of Canada who owns a cell phone!! It is estimated that service providers collect around 1 Billion dollars a year from this so called “System Access Fee”.

Compared to other countries we already have one of the highest cellular rates and this just adds to it!! Don’t even get me started on Data plans!!

To find out more check out these article from The Toronto Star and CP24

Want to do something about it? First off call your cell phone provider right now and start bi***ing and also fill out the form HERE for a class action law suit being filed against Rogers&Fido, Bell Mobility and Telus. Hopefully we win the case and we all get compensated!!