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TREO 750 Finally gets Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade!

If you have a Treo 750 you can now upgrade your device to Windows Mobile 6 for free. It doesn’t matter if your device is branded to a carrier or unbranded, the upgrade is available to all versions of the Treo 750. CLICK HERE for more info and to download your new ROM now!

This update provides:

  • Windows Mobile® 6 Professional
  • Update for Loss of System Sounds enhancement


  • Improved Calendar management with enhanced User Interface
  • Enhanced E-mail messaging, HTML/Smart Filtering, SharePoint access and more
  • Voice command via Bluetooth
  • USB cable charging

treo 750


HP Introduces GPS Car Navigation Device; Ipaq 300

HP is known tomake PDA’s with GPS but never have they released a standalone GPS device without a cellular line until now… Introducing the new HP IPAQ 300 with Windows CE, 600MHz Processor, Bluetooth 2.0, Micro SD expansion, 2GB built in memory and a Sirf Star III chipset.

hp gps

hp gps 2

Samsung Blackjack II with GPS Coming to AT&T

A new version of the Cingular Blackjack is coming to an AT&T store near you. The phone offers the same sleek design with an upgraded Windows Mobile 6 Standard OS. The phone also offers built in GPS; a feature we do not see that often in Smartphones. Although this device has been “upgraded” there is still NO WiFi!!

Introducing our triple threat – the BlackJack II by Samsung. It’s sleeker, smarter, and even easier to use than the original. Now with Windows Mobile 6, faster 3G download speeds, a larger 2.4″ display screen, and a stylish look, it’s the device all other smart devices want to be.”

blackjack II

More HTC P6500 SEDNA Details

The HTC P6500 is going to have built in GPS, 1 GB extra internal storage drive on top of the 256 MB ROM and not one but two SD card slots!! 2- 8GB memory cards plus the 1GB built in = 15GB maximum capacity!!

6500 gps pic

p6500 front

In Depth Email Review: iPhone VS. Windows Mobile

iphone vs winmobile

I came across this interesting article from WMExperts. The article shows an in depth comparison of the email services offered by the iPhone and Windows Mobile 6.

iPhone VS Windows Mobile email Smackdown

Imate Comeback with Avengence!!

Imate has just announced two new devices which will be released in the upcoming months and add to their new lineup!

First up we have the Ultimate 9502. The 9502 has a slide-out keyboard similar to HTC phones.




  • Windows Mobile 6 Professional
  • Quad-Band GSM
  • 3 Megapixel camera and VGA camera for Video calling
  • GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth
  • 400 Mhz Processor

Next up we have the Ultimate 8502:


  • Windows Mobile 6 Professional
  • Quad band GSM
  • 2 Megapixel camera and VGA for video calling
  • GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth
  • Processor is hopefully 400 Mhz but is not CONFIRMED

Live Pics of HTC Touch Cruise!!

The HTC P3650 codenamed “Polaris” is an upgrade to the world famous HTC P3300 Artemis. The Polaris has doubled most specs and looks a lot better than the P3300!!




Here are the Specs:

  • Windows Mobile 6 Professional
  • 400 MHz processor by Qualcomm
  • 256 ROM/128 RAM
  • Quad band GSM with HSDPA
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, FM radio
  • GPS
  • TouchFLO
  • 3 Megapixel camera
  • Micro SDHC compatible

More Proof that Projector Phones are Coming!!

we wrote a short blog about cell phone projectors just a little while ago

Here’s proof that it is in the works and that we should be seeing it very soon!!

What’s this we have here….is that a Windows Mobile phone with a projector?
projection phone 1

Telus gets more HTC love!!

Telus has just announced two new devices to add to their HTC linup. Telus already carries the P4000 and the S720 and now they have added the HTC Touch and S640 to their PDA selection.

Telus must have an excellent hookup with HTC since they are the first CDMA service providers in the world to get these phones.

telus touch

The HTC Touch will be $499.99 without contract, $449 with 1 year, $399 with 2 year and $149 with three year.

telus s640

The HTC S640 will be $449 without contracr, $399 with 1 year, $349 with 2 year and $149 with 3 year.

If your planning on getting these devices with contract read their fineprint:

“Available for clients who activate voice and data service on a 3-year contract with an Email, Web & Voice or Talk & Email plan of $45 or more, or any Voice Rate Plan $20 or more with an Email & Web add-on of $25 or more. Please review the rate plan offer information attached. TELUS reserves the right to modify eligible rate plans with this offer at any time without advance notice.”

New Imate Phone’s Coming Out Soon

You must already know how great Imate is when it comes to naming their devices… K-jar, Jasjar, Jasjam to name a few!! Well there new devices are called…. Imate Jama!!

No wonder Imate is in trouble, they can’t give a decent name to any one of their devices, their best phones were made by HTC only and now the best phones from the “Ultimate line” are dropped to be replaced by these….


Summary: No 3G, No WiFi, No GSM 850 band.

Cancelled Imate devices:

cancel imate