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Rogers Gets HTC Touch!!

Rogers has finally got the HTC Touch for sale. If your with Rogers Wireless in Canada and looking to upgrade your phone by signing over your life for a contract… look no further!!

Remember you have to get a Data plan with your contract upgrade 🙂

Prices with contract after “rebates on select Voice & E-mail packages

  • $199.99 with 3 year
  • $349.99 with 2 year
  • $399.99 with 1 year

rogers touch

Fido Finally Launches 3G and Video Calling!

Fido has just announced that they are now offering Internet Data plans using 3G. Before this Fido had really expensive data plans ranging from 1MB for $12 and 200MB for $100 but this all changes now. Introducing their new 3G data plans which are not only cheaper but blazing fast too (if your phone supports it!!).

  • 12 Mb $10/ month
  • 12 MB value pack for $18/month which includes: Enhanced Voice Messaging, call display, name display, who called, 2500 text messages per month.

Fido has also launched Video, Radio and Mobile TV. If you already have a Windows phone you don’t even need to pay for these extra services and just use freeware programs directly from your pda. Regularly Mobile TV will cost you $15 a month and Video & Radio on demand will cost you another $15 a month.


Telus gets more HTC love!!

Telus has just announced two new devices to add to their HTC linup. Telus already carries the P4000 and the S720 and now they have added the HTC Touch and S640 to their PDA selection.

Telus must have an excellent hookup with HTC since they are the first CDMA service providers in the world to get these phones.

telus touch

The HTC Touch will be $499.99 without contract, $449 with 1 year, $399 with 2 year and $149 with three year.

telus s640

The HTC S640 will be $449 without contracr, $399 with 1 year, $349 with 2 year and $149 with 3 year.

If your planning on getting these devices with contract read their fineprint:

“Available for clients who activate voice and data service on a 3-year contract with an Email, Web & Voice or Talk & Email plan of $45 or more, or any Voice Rate Plan $20 or more with an Email & Web add-on of $25 or more. Please review the rate plan offer information attached. TELUS reserves the right to modify eligible rate plans with this offer at any time without advance notice.”

Virgin Mobile Canada releases Unlimited Data Plan for only $10 but…


You can only get the unlimited Data on the Samsung M510 and no other Vigin phone. Why does there always have to be a catch? I thought Virgin’s whole marketing scheme is “NO CATCH”??

Even though your forced to buy a new phone is’nt half as bad compared to other “Unlimited Data” plans in Canada. Maybe…I mean HOPEFULLY this will cause a pricing war with other service providers and everyone is forced to lower data costs.

The new data plan is called Tidal Wave Data Pak and is available now.

Rogers Wireless Finally gets reasonable Data Plans!!


If you haven’t heard already, Rogers just released a new 1GB data plan to contend with Bell. Bell has just announced that they will be offering a 1GB data plan for your laptop by using a wireless card for $75. Rogers has done the same but the only difference is that since Rogers is GSM and uses a SIM card the data plan can also be used in Windows Mobile devices. The 1GB data plan will cost you only $65 CAD a month. Call *611 right now and add it to your service plan. You have the option to add it to your existing SIM or on another SIM!!