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HTC SHIFT’S SnapVUE Screen Shot!

As you know the HTC Shift will have a dual-OS; Windows Vista and a limited version of Windows Mobile called SnapVUE. There is a button located on the bottom left of the display to toggle between the two OS.

Here is a screen shot of the SnapVUE in action… (Click to Enlarge)

htc shift screenshot

New Opera Web Browser for Windows Mobile!!

A new version of Opera is now available and is finally out of Beta testing. The new Opera web browser has many new features but the most important one in our opinion is the built in Flash capabilities.

new opera screenshot

Here’s a list of new features from Opera’s Homepage:

  • Set “Desktop” mode as default display mode NEW!
  • Text Wrapping NEW!
  • Bidi support NEW!
  • Grab and Scroll (PocketPC only)
  • Web search in address bar
  • Save image
  • Copy text
  • Send link as e-mail, SMS, and MMS
  • Import IE bookmarks
  • Support for Macromedia Flash Player 7 for Pocket PCs
  • FlashLite 2.1
  • Multiple Windows
  • Tabbed browsing (Pocket PC only)
  • Zoom
  • Download
  • Navigation and history
  • Bookmarks
  • Landscape/Portrait Mode
  • Pop-up handler
  • Padlock icon on secure sites
  • User preferences
  • Context menu
  • Change encoding
  • Desktop mode and Fit to Screen
  • Plugin API (Netscape)

Rogers Wireless Finally gets reasonable Data Plans!!


If you haven’t heard already, Rogers just released a new 1GB data plan to contend with Bell. Bell has just announced that they will be offering a 1GB data plan for your laptop by using a wireless card for $75. Rogers has done the same but the only difference is that since Rogers is GSM and uses a SIM card the data plan can also be used in Windows Mobile devices. The 1GB data plan will cost you only $65 CAD a month. Call *611 right now and add it to your service plan. You have the option to add it to your existing SIM or on another SIM!!